Unity aspires to weave an unprecedented experience of fine living cocooned in comfort for you. It’s the statement of prestige and elegant Architecture that sets us apart. We delve deep into your dwelling needs and make sure those are met to the minutest detail. Every day is a new opportunity for us to master the art of fine living, to reinvent our craftsmanship that complements your lifestyle and fine taste. With each of our creations, Unity continues to raise the bar of setting a golden standard of excellence. We create your personal kingdom of grandeur, wrapped in the comfort of home.

Prime Locations
We offer a selection from the most lucrative locations across the city. Our project locations are selected intelligently, keeping in mind the things that matter to you most.
Top Consultants
We engage the leading consultants in their respective fields from both home and abroad, to ensure that every facet of a project is designed to perfection. After all, the best designs can only come from the best minds.
Hightest Quality Materials
We continuously explore material sourcing globally to enhance the comfort and lifestyle of our clients. Each material used in our projects is selected with the utmost attention to quality, suitability and durability.
Uncompromised Safety
Our priority to safety is second to none. Structural, electro-mechanical and fire safety stand paramount in our planning and construction methodology, in order to ensure your safety in your sanctuary.
On-time Delivery
Our experienced team of highly qualified engineers and management professionals work relentlessly in perfect synergy. At Shanta, delivering uncompromised quality, on time, has become our mantra.
Professional Management
A safe, clean and comfortable living environment can only be maintained by a team of professionals with an eye for perfection. Our Facility Management team will ensure your desire to live in a beautiful community remains fulfilled.